Andres Gonzalez „Somewhere“

Der Photograph Andres Gonzales pendelt zwischen Istanbul und San Francisco. Sein neuestes Projekt trägt den Titel „Somewhere“. Es handelt von des Sehnsucht des Menschen nach dem Reisen sein und der Rückkehr an den Ursprung des menschlichen Seins:

„The passenger steps onto the overcast deck and remembers a line. Soft was the sun. The wind to his back, he is facing the stern and an endless trail of thoughts drifting away from him towards the horizon. He wants no words, only to enjoy the delicate anticipation of a moment waiting to reveal itself. What are the limits of language? This is the mind, felt, not spoken. He makes a photograph of a seagull, and does not resist the emotion that brings.

There is a town passing by on the starboard side of the ship, the mind-boggling, awe-inspiring, crazy-making, world of people. He is happy for the distance, but knows that any idea of separation is only an illusion. Everything exists according to the laws of nature. There is a core, it seems. The sea turns grey for a moment, the lights from the town slowly dimming, overtaken by fog. He makes another photograph of the fading light, the soft presence of time. The ship begins to slow, ahead a port, and another journey.“

All rights reserved by Andres Gonzales