‚Everything that I wish I could be‘ by Kent Rogowski

Die Kunst von Kent Rogowski dreht sich um das Alltägliche und die Dinge, die uns umgeben. Aus Massenprodukten entstehen persönliche Geschichten. Für sein neues Projekt ‚Everything that I wish I could be‘ sammelte der Künstler und Photograph aus New York Selbsthilfebücher und setzte sie zu Collagen unterschiedlicher Themengebiete zusammen.

„Everything that I wish I could be is an exploration of language, emotions and the desire to change and improve one’s self. There is a self-help book for almost every moment and problem in life; from relationship advice to dealing with the inevitability of death. Each large format photograph, pictures an arrangement of title pages and spines, from up to 100 self-help books that are based around a central theme. Together, the titles create larger narratives, which become portraits of emotions, people and events in life.“ (Kent Rogowski)

“There Is A Rainbow”

“Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow”

“You Are Special”

All rights reserved by Kent Rogowski

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